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Three Brothers

I love wild cats - the size and the species do not matter. I just love them all. There are some individuals, such as Ranthambhore's famous tigress called Machali, whom I will remember all my life. Another cat or rather group of cats that I will never forget are the fampous "three brothers" or "Honey's boys" from Masai Mara in Kenya. I first saw them three years ago on my first trip to Mara. Three full grown male cheetah siblings that specialised in killing large sized prey, specially wildebeests. Cheetahs normally go for small prey like gazelles but three large cheetahs can and will take down larger prey. These three brothers had a fool proof staretegy for killing wildbeests. 




In the last three years I have spent nearly 14 weeks in the Masai Mara and these three cheetahs are by far my favorite. Last year just a few weeks after I left Mara, I heard that one of these three was dead, probably killed by a lion. I was heartbroken but then that is how it is in the wild.

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