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North Tanzania in February-March 2012

Just got back form an amazing trip to north Tanzania centered around Ndutu.... We flew into Killimanjaro airport at the base of Mount Killimanjaro and after grabbing a quick lunch in Arusha, we drove out to Tarangire national park in pouring rain. For a month there had been no rains in this area a [...]

Planning your east African Safari

Costs: The costs for an East African safari can be broken up into three major components: Park fees. These include entry fees per head (between 60 to 80 US$ per head per day for non residents), Vehicle entry fee per day, Lodging concessions etc. These are all the fees that have to be paid to the go [...]

Five weeks in Masai Mara National Reserve - Week 5

During the fifth week in Masai Mara our sightings of the three lion prides with small cubs were great as by now we could find them almost anytime we wanted to. A few of my close friend were part of this group and we had a party every night, which was long overdue. Four weeks of very serious photogra [...]

Five weeks in Masai Mara National Reserve - Week 4

Cats were once again the highlight of our fourth week. There were fewer river crossings in this week but by now we had become adept at finding three prides of lions, all three with very young cubs, a pair of mating cheetahs (though we never really saw them mating) and a huge male leopard, whose terr [...]

Kenya Migration Safari slideshow